How can we help build Electroshoe?

You can help us build Electroshoe by purchasing one of the girl power merchandise. This helps us raise funds to create manufacture Electroshoe at masses 

How does Electroshoe works?

Electroshoe is a smart footwear attachment, which can be attached to any footwear on their shoe laces or sandal laces. When in threatening situation, the user needs to press it with another shoe over to activate the alarm noise which helps nearby locals to take notice and it fires the location to family members and authorities that the person is in danger 

How do you power Electroshoe?

Electroshoe can be powered with simple USB type C charge, which can give a run time of 20 days on a single charge. Electroshoe also uses solar panel to get itself charged whenever it is exposed to sunlight, giving enough time to easily run for a month on a single charge 

How long will it take to see Electroshoe on market?

It really depends on the amount of funds we can raise to hit the manufacturers. A good time frame would be around 3-5 months right after hitting the production and manufacturers

How else can I contribute to the mission other than purchasing Girl Power merchandise?

Every sign up and the feedback section helps us tremendously to understand how the product can fare in the market. This will give us an edge to build product that customers would use it for certain. In the end our whole mission is to make sure that every women and person in the planet is safe and well

How to join Facebook community and how can I make the most out of it?

Please join the facebook community here— It is a mode of medium to connect with every person out there who is driven to address this cause. It is a mode to connect women across all the world to share their experiences and their unique solutions to protect themselves