Our Mission

We believe in the integrity that girls are independent to pursue their own dance class late at night, conduct physics experiments with a group of boys, and take cabs at their own leisure without any fear.

Electroshoe’s mission is to make sure that your loved ones are out there looking for you and listening to you.

Electroshoe is Girl Power.

Story behind Electroshoe

I was 12 years old when Nirbhaya incident took place. While I was as enraged as the rest of the crowd, I also understood that protests would not change the past. These efforts were meant to demand a severe punishment for the rapists, hopefully, to deter would-be rapists, I spent a good amount of time trying to come up with some sketches and product ideas, and after much trial-and-error, I came up with a concept I called Electroshoe.

Women might forget to bring Pepper sprays or Tasers or any other self-protection tools, but no-one would forget to wear shoes. That was the basis for my invention. I explained the concept to my best-friend Abhishek, and we started working on it. There was another limitation to our concept, and that was the shoe running out of charge. So, we started to research on transducers and came across a concept called Piezoelectric-effect in our Physics-textbook. Whenever a mechanical stress is applied, it creates a charge. It was a eureka moment. Applying that concept, we would have a shoe that recharges whenever one was walking. However, while working on this, our prototype failed 17-times! I was electrocuted twice. Abhishek even developed a nosebleed. But this didn't stop us.  Finally, we created a working prototype of the Electroshoe, it was later shared by millions all over world.

Over the course of time, Electroshoe concept has been iterated over and over again based on feedback from surveys, personal interviews and focused grouping, and it will not stop till we find a proper solution to prevent sexual assault.